© 2019 Andrea Torreano.


An impressive galactic alignment is taking place and it will affect every life form in the cosmos. The Universe is ruled and supervised by eight Gods, the Creators.
In a distant age, they forged a tool that could preserve the divine knowledge of creation: the Lens; eight Lenses for eight Creators.
Each Creator gave birth to their own planet and kept its secrets and the key to its essence inside the Lens.
Years later, some of the planets and their creatures began to get out of the divine plan they were predestined for.
The Galactic Council gathers to determine the fate of the heavens but the Creators need all of the eight Lenses to rule the the Universe and its laws.
Our planet is going astray and the Ruler of Earth, worried for his creatures' destiny doesn't show up and hides his Lens in the human dimension.This triggers a race against time.
While the world goes astray, an abducted girl, Sofy, point of connection between two dimensions, will have to find and rescue the Lens.
Two stories meet and merge in a multidimensional universe: one of humans and one of immortal alien beings.